Leedon was founded in Year 2002 by a group of experienced and dynamic professionals who have served in the Healthcare industry for many years. The group comprised of experts from various professions i.e. Nursing, Electronic and Biomedical Engineering, Fire and Security, IT and Hospital Building. Leedon is currently based in Singapore along with multiple associate companies around the region.

Leedon strives to be a solution provider to the Healthcare industry. It is our aim to provide manufacturers with a cost-effective, one-stop solution to market their product & equipment to the region.

Leedon has the networking capability to distribute the products, equipment and services around the Asian region. Leedon is accredited with ISO 17025 for our Rigel Service Centre handling medical tester and analyzer for the Regional Market and it is also the first accredited medical tester laboratory in Singapore. As part of our role as a marketer, Leedon has also attained the GDPMDS SS620:2016, BizSafe Level 4 and Communication & Security Systems (CRS) certification.


Leedon has a vision to be the leading solution provider in the region based on our customer-oriented business concept and creative innovation.


Delivery of quality, affordable technology-based solutions, system, products & services to our customers

By focusing on their requirements and maintaining strong and lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

The Leedon philosophy is to view patient and equipment safety as the key to success. We at Leedon believe that there is always a possible solution to any problem. More importantly, we feel satisfied when we are able to meet the needs of our valuable customers.


The following are Leedon’s key business focus:

  • Hospital System & Equipment

  • Hospital Communication System

  • Biomedical Engineering Consultancy Services

  • Critical Care Area Equipment & System

  • IT related products / solutions & software customization

  • Homecare / Rehab Products & Services

  • Life safety / Security System

B.E. C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E

  1. Be Distinguishable – Do things people don’t want to do and you will have fewer competitors. You may thus find it easier to distinguish youself as the business of choice.
  2. Expertise – Know your stuff well. From raw material to after-sales service, aim to know the trade at the back of your hand.
  3. Curious – Crave to learn new things and improve yourself.
  4. Respect others first – Think of others first by putting the interests of your family, customers and partners before yours.
  5. Extend know-how – Share know-how and believe strongly in sharing ideas and information with trusted business contacts and friends.
  6. Always stay focused – If working 9 to 6 is your absolute limit, enterprise is not for you. Those with a passion to excel in business are prepared to work 16-hours days,even on public holidays, and stick to what they believe in through thick and thin.
  7. Trustworthy – Be someone everyone trusts, hold fast to your scruples, be honest, sincere, humble and kind to everyone
  8. Instinct – The most successful Leedoner have an instinct for knowing when and where to do the right thing.
  9. Vivid legacy thinking – Business is not just a job, but rather leaving behind a viable, worthwhile contribution for your future generations.
  10. Effective – Think like a man of action, act thoughtfully and aim always to succeed by yesterday