Detergent for reprocessing thermostable and thermolabile instruments

Fields of application:
• Automated cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments including MIS instruments and micro-instruments, flexible endoscopes, anaesthesia equipment, containers and other medical utensils
• Manual cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments in immersion baths or ultrasonic baths
• Also suitable for the manual and automated cleaning of da Vinci EndoWrist instruments
• Automated and manual cleaning of personal protective equipment (PPE)1

Performance spectrum:
• Reliably removes residues of dried and denatured blood
• Greatly reduces the amount of organic material and prevents the re-deposition of protein residues
• Fulfils the current recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for minimising the transmission risk of the new variant of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) when reprocessing medical devices
• Removes pathogenic prion proteins of different prion test strains; amongst those the vCJD test strain by > 2 lg steps (1 %, 55 °C, 10 min)2
• Supports the removal of biofilms
• Suitable for instruments and utensils made of stainless steel, instrument steel, optics, conventional plastics and the materials of anaesthesia equipment
• Anodised aluminium must be tested first for suitability

Special properties:
• Excellent material compatibility
• First-class cleaning activity due to the unique formula based on alkalinity donors, surfactants and enzymes  • When used for manual pre-cleaning the cleaner solution does not have to be rinsed off prior to automated reprocessing with neodisher MediClean forte
• No neutralising step necessary for automated reprocessing; therefore short program cycles
• No hazard label; non-hazardous product

Application and dosage:
neodisher MediClean forte can be used in washer disinfectors as well as in immersion and ultrasonic baths. The dosing amount depends among other things on the respective field of application and the individual degree of contamination of the instruments to be reprocessed. When reprocessing da Vinci EndoWrist instruments neodisher MediClean forte can be used in all manual pre-cleaning steps, for ultrasonic pre-treatment and for the automated reprocessing process.
Personal protective equipment1 cleaned in an immersion bath must be completely wetted with the application solution during the entire immersion time. Then rinse thoroughly under running water of at least drinking water quality.