Handheld NIBP Simulator
Introducing a new hand-held non invasive blood pressure simulator for the fast and accurate testing of all NIBP monitors.

The new Rigel BP-Sim incorporates a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressures, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer-specific envelopes, referred to as O-curves.

The Rigel BP-Sim is the first hand-held NIBP simulator combining full performance features with a large capacity internal memory for the data capture, storage and subsequent downloading of test results for record keeping purposes.

In addition, Bluetooth-enabled technology allows the wireless connectivity of the tester with PCs and other accessory equipment for fast and convenient downloading of performance data and the uploading of manufacturers’ O-curves and manufacturer specific test programs.

Other special features of the Rigel BPSim include an in-built pump to generate user specific pressure settings for comprehensive system leak tests and over-pressure tests. An integral digital manometer also enables highly accurate static pressure measurements to be taken using a wide range of selectable pressure units.

The new Rigel BP-Sim forms part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical, part of the Seaward Group.