pH-neutral detergent for the reprocessing of thermostable and thermolabile instruments Liquid concentrate neodisher® MediZym.

Main fields of application:
• Automated cleaning of surgical instruments, anaesthesia equipment, flexible endoscopes, containers and other medical equipment

Performance spectrum:
• Removes residues of dried and denaturedblood
• Stainless steel, instrument steel, light metals, glass, the usual plastics and the materials of anaesthesia equipment and flexible endoscopes are compatible with working solutions of neodisher MediZym

Special properties:
• High degree of material protection
• pH neutral basis with enzymes and other cleaning adjuvants

Application and dosage:
neodisher MediZym can be used in washer disinfectors as well as in immersion and ultrasonic baths. The dosing amount depends among other things on the respective field of
application and the individual degree of contamination of the instruments to be reprocessed. The following parameters are recommended when using neodisher MediZym:

Automated cleaning of thermostable and thermolabile instruments
2 – 10 ml/l
(0.2 – 1.0 %),
40 – 50 °C,  5 -10 min

The working solution of neodisher MediZym has to be replaced at least daily, immediately in case of visible soiling.
The neodisher MediZym working solution has to be rinsed off completely (preferably with deionised water).
To avoid water stains, the use of fully demineralised water in the final rinse is recommended.