Handheld SpO2 Simulator

A new hand-held, high performance pulse oximetry simulator for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of SpO2 devices.

The lightweight and battery powered Rigel SP-Sim is the first hand-held simulator of its type and utilises new technology to eliminate the inconsistencies that can often be associated with testing using traditional methods like an optical finger.

Market leaders in oximeters specify instruments using electronic simulation for quality assurance purposes as a direct result of the high accuracy and repeatability of direct electrical simulation. However, the optical simulation method is able to take account of optical uncertainties. The Rigel SP-Sim is the first SpO2 simulator able to utilise both electronic and optical methods in a single test setup, reducing uncertainties thus improving the test time.

The SP-Sim features pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer specific R-curves for maximum flexibility, combined with a large capacity internal memory for the data capture, storage and easy downloading to a PC via Bluetooth of test results for record keeping – details of up to 10,000 devices can be stored.

Manufacturer specific test programs can be uploaded via the Bluetooth technology while probe and monitor are tested at the same time for improved accuracy and faster results.

The SP-Sim forms part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical, part of the Seaward Group.