Telelift UniCar Electric Vehicle System

Telelift Electric Vehicle System

Telelift is the leading manufacturer of high-performance, self-driving electric track vehicle system to transport light goods quick and reliably within hospitals, libraries and industrial facilities.

Telelift UniCar is tamper-resistant and 100 % process monitored. It is designed to handle sensitive goods in hospitals and libraries, as well as to transport production parts in manufacturing environments.

Typical transport goods in hospitals which can be conveyed with UniCar systems include blood and laboratory samples, instruments, sterile goods and medications.

The safe and hygienically transport of these goods is important. The UniCar have an antimicrobial coating and are UV-C lighted inside. This prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and germs over a long period of time.

The interior of the UniCar rotates which guarantees an absolute gentle run, no shaking, no spills and no jolts.

Telelift provide complete material-flow solutions from planning to installation and comprehensive support.

Benefits of Telelift electric vehicle system:

  • Efficient and reliable transport of goods
  • Transport times are reduced
  • The system is available 24 hours a day
  • Relieves staff so they can concentrate on their main activity
  • High savings thanks to automated transport of goods
  • Safe transport in sealed containers, locking mechanism helps transport secure items.
  • Increase of workplace safety
  • Simple to load, unload and operate
  • Reduction of damage to goods
  • Reduction of cross-contamination of bacteria and germs